Generation 15: Chapter 32

Chapter 32

  I tossed restlessly on the floor. I curled into a ball to hide what I was doing from the ‘Wolf.

“That won’t help,” he commented from where he sprawled.

“What won’t?”

“Masturbating. Won’t help.”

“What makes you such an expert?”

He peered at me from under the arm he’d draped over his eyes. “I’m a werewolf. Grant me a little expertise in the area. Would you want me to advise you on ocean currents?”

“Point taken.” I ground out as release came. I still felt nearly as horny. Only the physical pressure had eased. I grimaced as I wiped my sticky hand against my thigh. The only water available was in the toilet. I wasn’t quite that desperate yet.

“Dinner time!”

My stomach clenched. I didn’t think I could keep it down. Even water didn’t really appeal to me. The ‘Wolf handed me a package. Of course the fact that dinner was another MRE didn’t exactly tempt my flagging appetite. I pushed it away untasted.


“Not hungry.”

“You need your strength.”

“You’re not my mother!”

“True, but I am your mate.”

“No.” My body throbbed with need. I refused to give in. Resolutely I shoved a mouthful of something in. I gagged. The mouthful promptly came right back up.

“Fairy, let me help.”

“I refuse to let you lick up my vomit.”

“If I could shift, I might do so. Actually, you might be able to keep your food down if I held you.”

“That’s helping?”

“I doubt this stuff tastes better going up instead of down.”

“It could hardly taste worst.”

Gingerly he put his arms around me. My cramps subsided as I breathed his scent. He offered me the food. I  nibbled cautiously. The food stayed down.

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