Generation 15: Chapter 33

Chapter 33

  “I must say you surprise me, fairy.”

“How so?” I’d lost track of the days. My legs itched in spite of the water he’d poured over of them.

“Your self-control is impressive. Most new ‘Wolves would have mated with me at least once.”

“We mated.” I shifted restlessly as desire surged through me.

“As wolves not as humans.”

“I have a lover.” Maybe. If he was still alive. If he still wanted me after I’d cheated on him.

“What does that matter? You’re in heat. There should be only one thing on your mind. I’m male, I’m willing and I’m here.”

“You aren’t him.”

He sniffed deeply. “You aren’t mates. You shouldn’t have been able to resist for so long.”

“I’m trying for the Guinness record.”

He gave a short bark. “You definitely shouldn’t be capable of humor. Even lame humor.”

I made a rude gesture. Humor was helping me keep sane. His scent was overwhelming in the enclosed space. The lack of cleanliness didn’t help. Watcher, I’d do almost anything for a shower.

“How are feeling?”

“Like I’ve been mauled by a bunch of flying monkeys.”

Oz laughed. “Sorry about leaving you alone, but until it passed…”

“I didn’t get the broom.”

“Huh? Oh. Right. Would you like a shower and real food?”

“Do you really need to ask?”

“I suppose not. C’mon let’s get you pretty for the General.”

The shower was heavenly. Okay, not really. There was mildew and the temperature never got above ‘cool’ and low, I mean, low water pressure. Still it was wet even if the soap was rock hard and no shampoo. I think the towel he handed me was older than me. Clean but old. At least he didn’t give me an orange jumpsuit. Not that army green was much of an improvement.

“Huh. You clean up good.”

I decided to take the comment at face value. “Thank you. I feel human again.”

“But you aren’t.”

“Are you?” I countered.


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