Summary Part 1

So…I haven’t really done much with this story of late. So I’m officially ending it. But…for those of you interested, I will provide a summery of what is supposed to happen.

Part 1 (finishes Gen 15 and explains Gen 16)

So…Dariel escapes from the werewolf pack with half a dozen or so other wolves. They meet up with Victor, who up to this point assumed that Dariel had broken up with him to run off with James (the werewolf who was brought in when Dariel went into heat). Victor and Dariel make up. The two of them help the other werewolves adjust to living in the human world. The werewolves go off to set up their own little pack that Dariel visits frequently. Victor and Dariel marry in the Mer way.

Thorn decides when Dariel reappears to investigate Dariel’s father’s background. This involves genetic testing, where Thorn discovers that Dariel is in fact his nephew. This leads to Dariel being introduced to his grandfather and brother Tristan. Tristan is thrilled. He had long been drawn to the sea. They learn that Tristan is every inch a Mer male. Dariel’s aunt, queen of the Mer, is convinced that Tristan is indeed her nephew Ariel’s son and Tristan moves to live with the Mer people and carry the next generation.

In due time, Dariel becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, Robert. The birth taxes him and Dariel dies shortly thereafter. Victor had been working on artificial intelligence in the basement and secretly transfers Dariel’s consciousness (what there was of it) into an artificial body. The transfer is only partially successful. Dare 2.0 leaves his creator to find himself. Robert is initially raised by Dare 2.0, but Victor’s increasingly unstable mind drives the robot away. Robert learns quickly not to trust or love anybody as his father is verbally and emotionally abusive towards him.

Gen 18 (The Snow Queen)

At 18, Robert moves out and goes to Egypt where he spends years wandering around the desert. A fierce sandstorm drives him to take shelter in a seemingly abandoned ruin. The ruin is haunted by a mummy who is cursed to protect the ruin until “the desert of his heart is watered”. The sand buries the ruin again, but there is a well and a sheltered garden for Robert to tend. The mummy, Faris Enitan, is initially hostile to Robert, but as time passes, hostility fades to indifference to friendship and finally to love. The curse is broken. Robert and Faris move to France (Robert is not interested in returning to his native land) where Robert bears a couple of children.


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